Pink Neon Lips


This Neon Lips are one word... AWESOME! The Neon Lips is for the lover, the romantic. It's warm glow goes great against any wall, and has eco-friendly LED strips. Top out your room with personality and get the Neon Lips by Tapestry Girls today!


  1. Posted by ii_darcyy, — Reply

    Where can I print photo collages for my wall

  2. Posted by learosebelanger, — Reply

    J'adore ses trop beau

  3. Posted by fa1th_y, — Reply


  4. Posted by stacydavila53, — Reply

    Where can I find pictures like these.

  5. Posted by adazanotto, — Reply

    where can i get those neon lips ??

  6. Posted by VanillaAttack_, — Reply

    Where can I find the sun picture?

  7. Posted by emjenkinsschool, — Reply

    Watching cane of thrones be like😂

  8. Posted by kittyslayer777, — Reply

    i might purchase :)

  9. Posted by z0epatters0n, — Reply

    does anyone have tips for printing photos for a photo wall?

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